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Educator Profile: Marielle Sallo

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We are so excited to have the chance to interview Marielle Sallo of San Gabriel Mission HS. I got a chance to see her in action this past January.  She had a really cool classroom and was so fun to hang out with.

1. How did you come to work at SGMHS?

I graduated from LMU with my Masters of Arts in Education through the PLACE Corps.  As a member of Cohort 8, I was placed as San Gabriel Mission High School.  5 years later, I have found my home at SGMHS.

2. How long have you been a teacher?

I have been teaching for 5 years.  I currently teach AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and Chemistry.  I have taught Algebra I and AP Psychology in the past.

3. What made you want to be a teacher?

In college, I worked for the IHS-UCLA GEAR UP.  While here, I worked as a tutor and Program Assistant for the College Prep program.  I fell in love with teaching high school students and decided to pursue a career in education.

You mentioned that you were in Africa while I was visiting your campus. Please share some that experience.

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Mathematics/Applied Science, I decided to participate for the Support for International Change program at UCLA. During my four month stay in Tanzania, I lived with two host families.  While here, I taught HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness in the schools and villages.

 4. What is your biggest challenge and biggest love when it comes to being a teacher?

My biggest challenge is consistently showing students the real-world applications of math and science.  Many students tend to have a natural fear of the maths and sciences since its application is not always seen.  This is a huge challenge, but a challenge I welcome.  I always tell my students they don’t have to love the subject but at least give it a chance.  I love when after the course is over, students can see the importance of the class and realize that they are actually good at it.

My biggest love of teaching is watching my students grown into motivated young woman of depth, integrity, respect and character.  After four years at Mission I have witnessed them become model citizens ready to take on the challenges outside of high school.

 5. We like to ask everyone we interview, whats in your lunch bag?

What lunch???

 6. What do like to do on your spare time?

I enjoy reading, yoga and enjoying the sunshine!