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Don Bosco Tech Specialized Programs

Don Bosco High School | Private School Lady Visits San Gabriel Valley High School | Rosemead

This past fall I visited Don Bosco Tech High School for an afternoon. It was one of the most welcoming high school visits. Rudy Herrera, the Director of Admissions, and I have known each other for a few years. I toured the campus with a student and had lunch with several faculty members. It was warm and inviting. Having been my first time on the campus, I was impressed with their different Tech programs. I had seen nothing like it before. Don Bosco has amazing offerings in science, architecture, and technology.

These programs have state of the art technology. There were brand new Macs in the tech classrooms. There were also large screens for students to present their work. Part of the buildings reminded me more like work/loft spaces. It was more a creative space than it was just a classroom. When I walked into the architecture “classroom”, I was floored. Students were actually constructing their own mini buildings in huge work spaces. The room was huge and reminded me more of a studio. I love that students got to do hands on projects. They were learning electrical wiring and the basics of constructing a building. What a great bases for architecture design and professional careers in that area.

Don Bosco Tech offers some very highly specialized programs to give students an idea of different fields. It’s an advantage and it helps students with career direction and interests as they go on to college.

A wall made from Mac Computer boxes

Architecture Classroom

Don Bosco Tech’s Open House is January 27, 2013.