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Demystifying the Preschool Process and Fair 2013

Private School Lady, Mia Johnstone attends Demystifying the School Preschool Process | Pilgrim School | Los Angeles, CA | Preschool |Private School

Last weekend the Private School Lady attended Demystifying the School Preschool Process over at Pilgrim School. We had a wonderful panel of speakers that discussed a variety of topics including methods of teaching our preschoolers to evaluating preschools. One of the speakers, Michelle Nitka, author of Coping with Preschool Panic: The Los Angeles Guide to Private Preschools, talked about various preschools in the area. She shared her experiences visiting preschools.  Afterwards the fair took place where there were several preschools participated. Attendees were able to walk around and meet the preschools, ask questions and take home brochures.

It was a very helpful event for new families to gather preschool information.

Thank you to

Launch Education Group and ClubMomme for hosting!



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