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Administrator Profile: Juliette Lange of LILA School

Private School Lady Interviews Juliette Lange

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Juliette Lange. She is one the sweetest people we know. We are so glad to share who she is and the wonderful things she does for LILA School.

How and when did you start working at  LILA?

I started working at LILA in February 2009.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I meet the most wonderfully interesting people from all over the world each with own distinct stories.

What can usually be found in your lunch bag?

Ahahah! A large salad.  Then I can enjoy (without too much guilt) a couple of cookies over a large pot of tea at teatime (3pm)!

You are originally from England but are fluent in French too. Have you lived in many different countries? If so, which place do you think about most?

Actually, my father is French and my mother is English and I spent my childhood between the two.  We also lived in Sweden and in Germany where I attended the ‘Lycee’s there.  In my adult life, I’ve lived in France, England, Saudi Arabia and now the United States.    I think I would have to say that Riyadh was the most interesting place because it’s such a different society.  I taught at the Women’s university (you have women and men universities there) which allowed a real insight into life as a Saudi woman.  Fascinating!

Are there any movies/books/events you can suggest out there for preteens/teenagers?

We could buy books in Saudi but many were censored and never made it over to Riyadh. There were a lot of small children in Saudi but very few expat preteens and teenagers – life became too restrictive at that point and the families often returned to Europe and the States.

What are some of your favorite things you like to do away from work? (we love examples)

I have four children and two of those have just returned from the UK, having graduated from universities in England.   Now that everyone is back, I think what I most enjoy is the conversation around dinner table.

A pretty close second, is sneaking out very early in the morning to pour over my books (I’m studying for a Masters) at my local coffee shop (though obviously, the rest of the family think I’m quite mad!)



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