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5 Tips for Visiting High Schools

For families applying to a private high school, the Open House season is coming. This is such a great opportunity to visit campuses, meet with faculty, and get to know teachers and students. Be sure to take your student with you too so they get a feel for what it’s like.  The Private School Lady offers her tips on how to have a great visit. Don’t forget to check out for information on high school open house and special recruitment days.

Here are tips to help maximize your visit to prospective high schools

1. Do you feel “at home” on the campus. Is it environment you can be a part of for the next 4 years?

2. Does the school offer the classes that will help your student thrive. For instance, if your student loves art, what is the art room like? How much experience do the art teachers have? What kind of art education do they offer?

3. Does the school offer trips abroad or even trips nationally, for example, to visit colleges?

4. What are the other parents on the tour like? Most likely that is a good sampling of what your child’s peers’ parents will be like. Are they parents you can network and be friends with?

5. Are most students attending college after graduation? Some parents get stuck on asking average SAT scores. Average SAT scores do not communicate how well a school educates their students. The better question is to ask where students are going after high school. That will tell a lot about a school.

Be open minded when you visit a school. You may be pleasantly surprised and learn something you didn’t know. I visit about 60+ schools a year. I am constantly amazed at the uniqueness of our schools.

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